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I'm definitely not a connoisseur of hair, but I am picky about what I use, especially since I went and stayed blonde about a year and a half ago. Another thing about my hair is that I'm about sixty years oldschool; I usually wash my hair every 5-7 days. No, it's not gross. My hair is pretty healthy for being bleached and toned every few months, and the color stays great, too. There's no way you're going to keep a great color for more than two weeks if you wash your hair daily. That's a whole different blogpost though!

   I like products that make my hair silky and smooth without making it oily and flat. Luckily I've found a shampoo and conditioner that seems to do both, as well as supporting products that help it out even more.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Conditioner

Contains a sunflower and white tea complex to bring out highlights, and amplifies shine.
I mix this with my B5 conditioner, as well as with a bit of purple conditioner.

OGX B5 Shampoo + Conditioner

Contains Vitamin B to add moisture and remove damage. I got a sample of these the other month from Ulta and instantly loved it. It makes my hair so silky and manageable without adding greasiness or flatness.

Tangle Teezer Original

I love how this is easy to clean, unlike most brushes that trap everything eternally. It doesn't catch on tangles and can be used on wet hair. It brushes out my hair without ruining waviness and texture.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Holy dry shampoo, batman! This is my holy grail product. I've used several of their scents; it doesn't really matter to me and I haven't found any of them awful so far. I sometimes use this even if my hair is still super clean to add a bit of volume and texture. My hair is blonde but I haven't experienced too much whiteness on my dark roots when I use it, and I just pat on any tinged spots and it goes away. On the other hand, it even works on super dirty hair. You're not going to be ultra glossy and fresh, but good enough for updos or braids.

IT&LY Purity Design Water Drops

Contains sandal, barley, and philodendron. Just one or two pumps makes my hair softer and silkier without making it greasy. I usually just use this on the bottom half of my hair, and it definitely helps with split ends and damage. I save it for when my hair feels extra dry or just blah.


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