What's In My Bag

3:00:00 PM

In another life, I was probably Mary Poppins... or just a crazy old lady who carried around a bag full of junk. I think I manage to keep it pretty compact; I hate schlepping around a huge purse. Yet I still manage to usually have anything anybody needs. Maybe the government should hire me. But then again, I'd rather not become their top experiment. I'll keep my trade secrets to myself.

   Here's what you'll usually find in my purse on a normal day. I've settled into pretty much the same routine of contents that work for me. If I'm out of town, it may change a bit, but not by much.

   My current bag itself is just a black faux leather bowler bag from Forever21 I got a few years ago. It's held up really well! I abuse my bags a bit, and this one still has minimal wear. It's small enough to take anywhere, including theme parks, but big enough for everything I like to carry.

-Business cards
-Perfume locket
-Burt's Bees ointment
-L'Occitane hand cream
-Fruit chews
-Iphone 6 (case from Target)
-Wallet (from Forever21)
-Cute pepper spray
-Baby Lips
-Nivea lip balm
-Lighter (I don't smoke, but you never know when you need a lighter!)
-Altoids mini (I put Tic Tacs in it too)
-Hair clips
-Pen, pencil
-Pill case (I'm a mini pharmacy)
-Hair comb
-Lucky cat
-Keychain cards
-Glucose tablets
-Aux cord
-Car USB outlet
-Lilly Pulitzer charger pack
-Keys and more cards

Nothing too exciting, but a little bit of everything!

Things that come and go:
-Lipsticks, powder brush, powder
-Polaroid camera (it fits if I use a smaller wallet)
-Half a million receipts
-Disney Magicband


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