My Blushes of February-March 2016

3:30:00 PM

Something that I am particularly particular about is blushes--certain colors, textures, and formulas. I don't buy them often because, like many products, I prefer to find a few I really like versus just collecting them up in heaps. I find myself drawn to one particular shade, so it can be hard for me to veer from it. Here is what I've picked up in the last two months and really loved.



 This is a beautiful, soft pink blush that gives a natural flush that is perfect for fair skin. There is a slight shimmer that barely shows; enough for a healthy look, but not too much glitter or highlight.

Urban Decay
Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush
I forced myself out of my blush zone and went for something unusual. This is a very red-toned blush that is heavily pigmented but buildable. Used with a light hand, it looks like an interesting, vintage-style rouge blush. There is a very small amount of shimmer; you can layer highlighter or another blush over it for more.

Yves Saint Laurent
Blush Volupte


 This is a high-end splurge that is definitely worth it. From the gorgeous texture to the amazing color and the yummy fruity smell, it's one of my all-time favorite purchases. It is a very natural peachy pink that blends like a dream and has a considerable amount of shimmer that gives an amazing, youthful, healthy look.


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