10 Facts About Me

3:30:00 PM

1. I have four pets; a chocolate lab, Dori, and three cats; Louis, Gypsy, and O'Reilly. Dori is an older dog and was close to being put down. My sister rescued her, then I may have stole her from her. O'Reilly is an outside cat turned inside hermit. Louis and Gypsy I adopted from the Humane Society.

2. I collect books, vinyl, and general old wacky stuff (in moderation). My favorite books are The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Historian. My favorite artists on vinyl are Bowie, Idol, the Stones, and old jazz/soul. I've started collecting raw stones, especially my birthstone, amethyst. And of course makeup!

3. I was really into Japanese culture and rock in my early teens. I still know a bit of Japanese! I plan on picking up bits of other languages, too.

4. My first makeup was Mary Kay samples; tiny black eyeliners and glosses. My usual look then was liner undereye and maybe lip gloss, and over-plucked brows. Yikes. Funny enough, I was more into my hair then (usually a pixie or bob, and I've been every color), whereas now I'm more into makeup and hardly do anything to my hair.

5. My favorite holidays are my birthday, Halloween, and July 4th.

6. Since I don't live far from Orlando, Disneyworld is my second home. I've been 20+ times! And even though Orlando is pretty scary, I still get excited every time we pass that big building that will never get finished (if you know, you know). The majority of my room and office room are Ikea. And I actually LOVE the tacky souvenirs! Just not gator heads.

7. I have dyscalculia, a number-based learning impairment-- mine's so bad that I even have a hard time with dancing (sliiidddee to the left, sliiiidddee to the right-- a nightmare), I can't seem to learn to read music, or do pretty much any math in my head.

8. I was homeschooled my whole life, graduating a few years ago. 

9. I'm a picky eater with textures-- mushy and slimy is a no-go. I also can't eat or touch anything with bones or cartilage in it, or seafood. It's been that way pretty much my whole life!

10. I'm a writer by heart, ever since I was 10 or so. I've always been working on something. Currently I'm working on a novel in a trilogy, as well as a poetry book. I hope to someday maybe also do some travel writing.

Do you have any quirks or interesting details? Weird phobias?


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