Inglot Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches

2:30:00 PM

It's not often I purchase from brands not sold at Sephora, but when I do, it's because I really believe the products will be up to par and worth the venture.

Inglot is a brand started over 30 years ago (!!) in Poland, and they expanded internationally in 2006. Their products are used backstage at anything from fashion shows to broadway musicals, boasting the most extensive collection of colors I have ever seen in a makeup brand. Their eyeshadow options are endless and a bit intimidating. Numbered naming may be efficient, but is a bit of a challenge to us lesser beings. I placed a small order to give them a try and dip in my toes. The single one-color shadows are currently $7 USD each. You can also order them with palettes of varying sizes, but I went for just the singles.

The order arrived in six days including the day I placed the order; I ordered on a Saturday and it arrived on the following Friday, which is very nice. I'm guessing the time would be even shorter without Sunday and/or Saturday in the mix.

They came in a small box a bit bigger than an eyeglass case, via UPS.

The shadows are in plastic that you can peel the back off of. I had to go at them with scissors so I don't know how well they actually can be peeled back.

The pans are considerably bigger than the average shadow from UD or MAC, which surprised me! They are  about 0.11 ounces each, versus Urban Decay singles which are 0.05 ounces, ABH which are 0.059 ounces, MUFE which are 0.07 ounces, and MAC which are 0.04 ounces. I prefer circular shadows but these fit better together in my Z Palette, though not perfectly; there's a little gap, which fit smaller squares like the Buxom shadows depotted. The shade names and info are printed on the backs.

  Studio light photos on top; flash photos on bottom

35 | I've been looking for a good shimmer highlight single for my Z Palette and this one is perfect; not disco ball level but not underpigmented, just what I needed for an inner eye and under brow highlight.

368 | I chose this as a transition shade for 383 and it's perfect for it. It blends out so easily and can be used sparingly or built up.

383 | This is definitely pretty much the exact shade of orange sherbet or a Dreamsicle and I love it. This and 368 are amazingly smooth even for mattes/satins and easy to work with.

421 | A neutral/warm toned metallic mid tone brown, great on its own or layered. It's that perfect shade and shimmer level that every makeup kit needs.

450 | Obviously I love every shade of a sunset on my eyes, and wine tones are no exception. I haven't tried to layer it heavily and it doesn't on it's own so I'm not sure if it's super pigmented on the eyes, but it layers well and is smooth.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with these shadows, their size, and quality, and I will definitely be ordering more. The price point is really great especially for the size; they're nearly double the size of many other brands and less than half the price, but the same or better quality. Their shade and finish range is seriously insane; neons, pastels, reds, oranges, several blacks, lots of light shimmer highlight shades, tons of browns perfect to build your own smokey palette. It can be overwhelming looking at the massive selection; I googled other blogs for swatches and top picks to help me find some basics.


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