Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette Swatches, Photos, Review

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Urban Decay's nod to the newest Alice film is a hypnotic whirlwind of pattern and fun. It has all the whimsy of Wonderland, from the bright colors of the Queen of Hearts, to the beautiful blues and shimmers of the White Queen, to the Hatter's mix of neon and old antique neutrals. Beautiful packaging holds an eclectic collection of colors and textures.

The packaging is beautiful and very sturdy for compressed cardboard. The top flaps open up to reveal a plastic butterfy. The shadow tray itself can pull out of the box entirely and be put back in easily.

The shorter end of the brush is firmer, and the longer end is quite soft; use the first for packing on colors and the second for blending them or putting them on lightly. It's not the most amazing brush in the world, but it is definitely well suited for the shadow formulas.

First two rows are the real party! Row 3 is the neutrals, and row 4 is more so cool-toned with one silver shade

Top row is the top two rows of palette, left to right
Bottom row is bottom two rows of palette, left to right

The shade Lily is extremely similar to the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Nude powder highlighter!

The shimmer/metallic shades are definitely much smoother and creamier than the mattes. There are several light white/cream highlight shade options as well, with different shifts and tones. The shade Dream On is odd; it has almost no pigment, just sparkle. Heads Will Roll, Metamorphosis, and Gone Mad are quite chalky and patchy but workable.


Even if some of the shades are patchy and a bit difficult, it's still a great deal. The palette retails for $60 and the colors are all new and limited. The size of the pans are 0.04 oz; Urban Decay single eyeshadows are 0.05 oz and are $19 each. So, you're getting 20 pans nearly the exact size of single shadows, for about the price of 3 single shadows. Plus beautiful packaging! And a double-ended brush. There's a nice little collection of bright/unique colors as well as neutrals with a great formula. That makes it a great palette for people who already like color, and also those who are a little color shy but are wanting to dip in their toes without committing to a palette of only wacky colors. 

Cake, Paradox, Heads Will Roll, and Royal Flush


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