Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 Nude Photos, Swatches, Review

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Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath is known for her iconic, impeccable artistry and influence, and now, she's expanded even further, creating her very own luxe, innovative beauty products. Her newest is the freshly-released Skin Fetish 003- a trio of highlighters and a brush to boot. There are two sets; Nude, which is quite muted, and Golden, which definitely has stronger gold tones. Having very fair skin, Nude looked to be a better choice.

Arrives in curious packaging- a sealed, iridescent packet, full of sequins. You have to cut it to get in, spilling out the glittery guts to get to the products.

The sequins don't have any special purpose, but I suppose you could use them for couture/high fashion makeup looks.

 Iridescent Pink 003 Pigment
0.14 oz
A finely-milled powder highlight in iridescent green and pink.
The color is very interesting and multi-toned. It's quite a small pan, though; below is a comparison beside a MAC eyeshadow single.
Layering this over the cream highlighters was a little cakey. It would work best on its own, and would be especially gorgeous on the body, as the highlighters are also intended for.

Nude Shiny Stick Highlighter + Balm Duo
0.26 oz 
 This end is quite gold-toned but still light enough to use on fair skin. The texture is just like any cream highlighter; I find it a bit sheerer and smoother than Becca's Poured highlighters.
This is my favorite of all the products. The texture is interesting, similar to a lip balm without any stickiness, and with extra shine. I apply it with fingertips, tapping the top then tapping it on the skin. A little goes a long way! I wish I could get this on its own. It gives a beautiful gentle glossy look to not only cheekbones and cupid's bow, but lips, inner eye or lid, and anywhere you want some dewiness.

Both ends of the tube have very little product, probably an inch or less tall. In my photos I have them rolled up all of the way to show. I have everything in my hand in the earlier photo for size comparison.

Buffer 003 Brush
The brush is too big to use on the face well, and when I washed it, it fluffed out even more. This is definitely better for applying highlight to the body (as shown in the product's promo videos). The label is a sticker stuck haphazardly at the end of the handle. I wish the bristles were stiffer as well.

Balm | Highlight | Pigment
 With flash
Studio lights

Balm with a touch of the powder

Worth The Hype?

I don't feel like it's worth the $72 the set runs for, especially considering there's little product. I love the balm and would definitely purchase a normal-sized tube of it for $30 or so. I would not purchase the brush at all, and I would consider the powder and cream for a lower price. I have seen that an almost exact if not exact dupe of the powder is Colourpop's Monster highlighter.
If you like collecting up interesting or limited edition makeup products, this is for you, but it's not necessary for a makeup kit or everyday collection. I don't regret purchasing it and am excited to experiment with the textures and applying highlight to the body (shoulders, collarbone). They're very user-friendly and fun.

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