Glossier: Phase 2 Set & More Review

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There they were--those cute pink and white tubes, minimal design, and intriguing name. I had seen the products splayed out in flatlays or sitting in bathroom cabinet "shelfies", but I had never really researched into what the actual brand was. I saw that a trusted blogger I follow really enjoyed their Milky Jelly Cleanser, so that sent me on a hunt--it didn't hurt that I was also armed with her 20% discount link! Before I knew it, I'd ordered their Phase 2 makeup set in my preferred colors, along with the Cleanser, and the interesting Balm Dotcom. The prices are pretty great and I'm a sucker for simple designs and natural-as-possible ingredients.

 Glossier was birthed from the beauty website Into The Gloss, where beauty editors worked (and are of course still working) on products that real people want--not what's blowing up in the fad world. Straight-forward, easy to use, and on-the-go, the products are no-fuss and designed with their readers in mind. The Glossier and Into The Gloss Instagrams are full of gorgeous inspo photos, many of which come from other like-minded Instagrammers both big and small. (Their products are also cruelty-free.)

Here's the grand opening of the box from the very beginning.

It all begins in a nondescript brown box. This is the bottom--the shipping label is on the top.

Inside my box; top bag with Milky Jelly. Oddly enough, the Balm Dotcom was in the Phase 2 box, even though it isn't part of the set.

 Poster, stickers, and moisturizer sample.

I love the zip bags! The bubble wrap is between two sheets of plastic/rubber. I'll definitely be re-using these for travel.

The Phase 2 box! Closes with a magnetic flap on the front.

Another zippy! This one has all the other goodies.

The Phase 2 set includes:
Generation G
Stretch Concealer
Boy Brow

You build your own set, choosing a shade for each item. I went with Crush, Light, and Blond.


Applied straight from the tube pretty heavily. The lipsticks are described as like "popsicle stains", and that's definitely a good comparison. They're more like a matte balm. I love the color and texture and didn't find it drying.


This shade was barely light enough for me, and isn't lighter, so it isn't really the perfect color for me for a highlighted undereye. It's definitely light to light/medium coverage; even after several layers my dark circles weren't much different. It's a bit greasy and stayed shiny even after I powdered. It blends in amazingly well, but isn't for serious dark circles. I think it will suit me better in the summer.


 It's got a great, small applicator, and the formula is very smooth. I put it on bare brows but found that my sparse lil babies needed a bit more help, so now I usually use a brow pencil and top it with this to set everything in place and add a little more color and thickness. The color isn't too warm or too taupe. Definitely better for thicker brows though.

Final Impressions:
For $50 (and 20% off if you use someone's discount code), it isn't a bad deal. However, the items only add up to $52 if you get them separately so it isn't a massive bundle discount. You do get the white box whole shebang and probably an extra zip bag though. The items themselves are really nice; simple, easy, efficient. Nothing out of this world, but great, cruelty-free (but not vegan) basics. As far as smells go, they all have a very very mild natural kind of smell. I can't place it exactly, but it's just kind of earthy.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

This has a milky, gel-like texture, and can also be used to remove makeup and eye makeup. I did two applications--the first on a dry, makeupped face, and the second time to remove any leftover makeup residue. It doesn't dry out the skin but isn't too moisturizing or oily either. The only thing I don't like is the smell. It has a similar earthy smell as the makeup products but is much stronger. I don't think it's much of a bother to other people, though; I'm just particular. I'm just glad that it isn't heavily perfumed or fragranced extra. I haven't experienced any skin irritation or breakouts. Contains no mineral oil or any type of alcohol, but for some reason contains Xylitol.

Balm Dotcom

I didn't read the ingredients before buying it, and if I had seen that the first ingredient was petrolatum (petroleum, Vaseline) I wouldn't have gotten it. Boo. It has a silicon kind of texture which I'm not super fond of. I put a small amount on my lips before beginning makeup and left it on until I was done and ready for lipstick, and my lips did feel a bit softer. I love the packaging and tube but I'm pretty strongly opposed to petrolatum so I'm making an exception, but I'll be looking for alternatives for something for my lips.

Priming Moisturizer

Using this before applying makeup caused my foundation to be quite a bit cakey. I can't use it again because it contains boswellia serrata; I'm allergic to some kinds of boswellia/frankincense and would rather not risk a breakout or irritation. It seemed nice as a day moisturizer for people who don't have issues with any of the ingredients. It also seems to contain no types of alcohol or mineral oil.

 Boy Brow + brow pencil, Stretch Concealer, Generation G dabbed then topped with gloss. I later removed everything (other than my eye makeup, used a wipe) easily with Milky Jelly.

Worth The Hype?

I would say that it's 7/10 worth the hype. A few of the ingredients disappointed me, but that often happens when a company is trying to keep prices down, such as using petroleum as a base for a product. There are some really great ingredients which should also be noted, and though the products aren't as natural as could be, they're fairly close. The quality is quite good--each item does what it is intended to. And for what great ingredients they have, I think the prices are fair.

I don't know a ton about the company and their ethics, but I like what I have seen. They have a positive, easygoing kind of vibe and seem to be truly invested in easy, quality beauty and skincare. I love how often both Glossier and In The Gloss share other Instagrammers' posts, and with zeal. They aren't companies focused on one person's face or a celebrity. Everything is quite driven by the loyal customers and fans, and you can feel the heart and dedication.

Grab a few Generation Gs and a Balm and toss them in your purse, your weekend bag, your suitcase. Prepare for effortless brows and popsicle lips, a touch of concealer and moisturized skin.
Easy. Simple. Everyday.

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