Say Yes

5:37:00 PM

It's an easy little word to say; most people feel pressured to say it too often. But for some, it's the most difficult word to say.
"No" is easy; it means no commitment, no change, everything staying within your control and comfort zone. "Yes" is uncharted territory. The possibility of failure- but also new success. "No" definitely closes doors; "yes" can open doors, windows, and rabbit-holes. Rabbit. Holes.

Is it easy? Well... no! And it gets harder the more you think about it. So, you can't let yourself think about it too much. Murder? Think about that a bit more. A spontaneous mini roadtrip? Don't think too long.
Some things are basics for most people but can actually be very difficult if you're used to saying no, if your anxiety has stopped you or impaired you. Going to the grocery store alone can be the equivalent of hiking a mountain- in polka dot underpants. It's normal for things out of your comfort zone to make you nervous- but when your comfort zone is so small is when it becomes a problem, and one that only you can fix. No one else can magically make you better or braver. And 90% of the time after you say yes, you'll be wondering why you were ever even nervous to begin with. 
Yes, it may not end fantastically well. You may fail, or be a bit embarrassed. But it was worth trotting out of your comfort zone for, especially if you had fun or accomplished something along the way.
You may not be skydiving or swimming with sharks, but you're making achievements of your own that are just as important as any major obstacle.
Start small, and you'll immediately notice your confidence and happiness boosting.


Some musical inspiration.
(Sh.... just listen and feel pretty darn fierce)
Follow Me Down
Truth Or Dare
This Time

Zoella has a post about saying yes here. I saw in a video that she had a reminder bracelet with the word "yes" on it- here's a few from Etsy.

Gold Yes Bracelet
OUI Bracelet
Yes Bracelet (This one's a bit more manly for you menfolk.)

I went to a fair for the first time today and said yes to every ride my friends wanted to go on (to the dismay of my stomach...).
Scary! But not actually so scary.
Reward. Yum.

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  1. Ha! I see that Zoella tag. I knew it must've been related when I read this post. She's darling, isn't she?

    1. i loooove her haha :D she's so inspiring to anxious/problem people :)