April Mini Makeup Haul

3:58:00 PM

In preparation for the trip to NYC in a few days, I've been crazily getting together all the little things I'll need, as well as trying some new products that I've been eyeing- specifically some Urban Decay.

 This is what I got from Sephora- I've been wanting Naked Basics ever since it came out, and at $27, I had to get it.
  Since I'll be wearing the same face of makeup all long day long in NYC mostly, I knew I needed something to keep it from getting cakey. I learned about UD's makeup setting sprays and then De-Slick, which should be perfect for my oily skin.
  The lovely employee that helped me out also signed me up for the Sephora card and I got the Benefit birthday present, which was a happy surprise. This'll be my first Benefit products.
  If you go to the Sephora at Avenues mall, I highly suggest asking for Kathleen and seeing if she's there to help you out if you need it. I went today on a Tuesday evening. She was super nice and friendly. I've been to Sephora before and when I asked about a product, the employee was less than friendly, especially when I'm trying to find something they may or may not have. Please, don't look super confused/bothered if you don't carry the product or it's sold out.
  This employee though was lovely and told me a bit about a few of the Urban products I was looking at and asking about. She definitely advised Naked Basics. Also, she advised De-Slick, telling me how it had kept her makeup intact during a Disney trip (I'll be heading there myself next month coincidentally and was worried about my poor face).
  Here are the details.

Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette

I think these'll look amazing on pale and dark skintones. I've
never used matte browns before, so we'll see how I do.

 De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray
It comes in a box with a folded leaflet of instructions/info (?). Inside is this
big bottle with a grey top, and another clear top under it tighter
on the nozzle.
 They're Real Mascara and Watts Up Highlighter
Cute little mini versions. Also my first highlighter- I was planning
on getting one sometime, so I'm lucky there was one in here.
I also picked up two new drugstore products for NYC.

L'Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer and Katy Perry Lashes in Darling
Running low on concealer so I decided to try a new one. Also wanted
some lashes for NYC- I looked up photo reviews on Google Image
and liked how they looked on other people, so I went with these, from CVS.

I plan on doing a review of these if it's desired, maybe in mid or late May, after they all stand the test of a NYC trip, Disney trip, and prom.


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