Comparison/Review of Lip Balms and Sticks!

12:32:00 PM

Since I've collected up a few different types of balms and moisturizers, I decided to do a review on them :) These are ALL from drugstores and are under $5.

First off: Good ol' ChapStick!

Pros: Good thickness if it's what you prefer, light smell and flavor, doesn't cause any tingling.
Cons: Not my favorite because it isn't actually very moisturizing or helping.

I prefer a balm with a tint, so I never go for this any more. Also I actually don't favor the thickness on the lips of it, it feels heavy to me.

Nivea Hydrating Lip Care 
Pros: Goes on in a thin layer that feels fresh, clean, and moisturizing. The tube is cute and is similar to Baby Lips. Little smell and taste that isn't unpleasant.
Cons: I can't really come up with any.

I tried this once and it immediately took place of ChapStick for me when I'm not wearing lip color or I'm prepping lips for lipstick. It feels like just a thin layer of moisture opposed to the thickness of ChapStick.

EOS Lip Balm
Pros: Cute container.
Cons: Has the thickness of ChapStick. Also, both of the two I got, seen here, had strong smells and tastes that I found unpleasant. The blue is strong mint and the red is some kind of fruit.

Okay, I know a lot of people rave about these, but I didn't like them at all. The blue mint one tingled my lips strongly and the smell and taste is very potent- I wiped it off within a minute. The red one was also potent and I didn't enjoy its scent and taste at all. Other people may like them, but these got a big no from me.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peppermint 
Pros: Adorable container, goes on smoothly and thin, does not feel clumpy or heavy. The peppermint flavor, smell, and sensation is much more calm than the EOS mint.
Cons: None! Unless you don't like the sensations of mint.

I believe there IS a regular Baby Lips, but I don't have it- I happened to get the mint one. I'm not a fan of mint, but the tingle isn't strong enough to bother me much and there's not much flavor. Baby Lips is by far my favorite, so I'll be getting the plain  lip balm. And come on, ladies,- the packaging is just so darn cute!

If you have any ideas for reviews, comparisons, or DIYs, please let me know! I'm always trying new products and it's no problem for me to pick some things up that people are interested in hearing about.


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