Easy, Beautiful Jar Makeup Boxes Storage as Decor

3:30:00 PM

I love jars. Maybe it's being Southern, maybe it's being an OCD makeup hoarder. I keep pretty much all of the boxes and containers from high end (and extra pretty low-end) makeup. There's several reasons:

1. They're gorgeous! You're paying for high-end, so might as well find a use for those gold YSL boxes and Kat Von D's hand-drawn designs.

2. In case I need to return something. I keep all the boxes and baubles in jars or an old Sephora shipping box, and the receipts all in one little Sephora bag.

3. In cause I decide to resell something after the 90 day Sephora limit has passed. I find that things sell quickly and customers are super happy when the original boxes are included and have been kept intact.

This is super easy, fun, and inexpensive. I got the massive jar at Wal Mart for about $11. The cylinder was from Michael's and was a bit more. I'm up to four jars from different places.

Time to get out those boxes and flex your Tetris skills.

It's a matter of choosing which boxes you want to be visible, and which ones you want to stuff in the center to keep everything in place. Start at the first row at the base; work between stacking and placing your outer boxes while also bracing them from the center so nothing falls over. Keep going, checking every angle to make sure you like how everything's going. You'll find you can get really crafty with finding boxes to fit in gaps!

I have these two on a shelf in my home office, and another two in my bedroom. They would look great on a vanity or in a makeup room!


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