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Colourpop is a brand born, raised, and managed right here in the states, in L.A. and are cruelty-free. They have branched out from eyeshadows and lipsticks to liquid lipsticks, brow products, highlighters and blushes, and beyond. They're known for their great prices, unique products, and fun colors.

   I got several eyeshadows from them last year and was instantly in love. Recently I got in another order in which I decided to dabble in more of what they've come out with since then.

General Review

I find the products to be great for their prices; you aren't going to get super amazing, top-notch, flawless products for around $5, but they are definitely of higher quality than you would find for the same price at the drugstore. Of course with any brands, there are hits and misses. All in all I give them 7/10 stars as far as what products I have tried.

Photos | Swatches | Reviews

No primer, in studio lights.

Super Shock Shadows

These are definitely still Colourpop's top products. They are a moist mousse formula, making them easy to use with fingers (which I personally don't with any eye products). Because of that they can't be depotted or else they will dry out, so keep them in their pots with lids on tight! I have had several of these for nearly a year and have had no problems with changes in texture, storing them normally in a drawer, so they don't seem to have issues as long as you take care of them, unlike some cream products that will dry even if in an airtight container. They can be used with brushes, although you will want to use fairly stiff ones, and blending them can be a bit of a chore. My favorites are definitely Coconut and Nillionare, especially paired together.

(Studio lights on left, studio lights + camera flash on right)
Light neutral shade
Metallic glittery neutral gold
Slightly warm-toned medium brown
Cool-toned dark brown
Bright metallic blue
Medium/dark blue
Salmon pink with shifts of red, silver, and gold
Blue-black glitter
Matte black

Creme Gel Colour

I had a doozy of an issue with this. Firstly, it was so dry that it would dry on my brush before I could barely apply it, and felt a bit dry and crackly once on. The real issue came with removal; because of the crackling, little bits and flakes got into my eyes and caused irritation. I was really worried that a piece may have given me an eye scratch, but luckily it was just irritation. Unfortunate, because I loved the color!

Navy blue

Ultra Satin Lip


 I really liked this. Again, for the price, the formula is great. It is thick and moussey, and you can definitely feel it on the lips, but it stays put and doesn't look cakey. I ate and drank and it looked nearly the same.

Ultra Matte Lip

Neutral dark red
 This one, however, was really unpleasant. It's incredibly dry, and immediately began flaking off- and sticking to my teeth, I could rub off the flakes in bunches. It kept moving to my teeth while I was talking! Embarrassing. And flaky, unlike lipstick streaks, so they really stuck.


Soft pink with shimmer
 This is the perfect color for fair skin. I can't really attest for how well they do applied with fingers, but I use it with a blush brush. It takes quite a bit of product, but once on, looks great. I have no qualms with it.


Warm-toned shimmer

So much glow! One of my new favorite highlighters. I also use a brush for this. It goes on a bit chunky so you have to blend it in, but once done, it looks amazing. You can go natural or build it up to a mega glow, and this shade is perfect for my warm-tone super pale skin. Plus, it's really pigmented.

Brow Pencil

Warm-toned light brown

With Coconut and Erotic shadows, Avenue
satin lip, the and the above highlighter and blush

The pencil itself was creamy and easy to use, and the spoolie is the perfect mix of softness and firmness. That being said, I was disappointed to find that it is definitely not taupe; it's very warm-toned. I've added the above photos to show the comparison between the brow pencil and my cool-toned hair. It's definitely better for dirty blonde or warm hair. I spoolied it out quite a lot to tone it down. I gave the pencil to my mom, and it suits her warm brown hair much better, and I feel like it's super easy to use.

Lippie Stix

Warm-toned pink

I've only tried one of these, and I think Frida is listed as matte, though it didn't seem so. I find this quite a bit more orangey than I like to wear so I don't wear it often. The formula is very creamy and a bit on the thin side versus your usual lipstick consistency. It probably works at its best used with a lipliner.


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