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There's been a lot of talk about MUG lately, and being on an eyeshadow single testing quest for my Z Palettes, I gave them a try. I chose a variety of finishes as well as what caught my eye.

   General review:

For prices currently averaging at $6 for the regular range of single pan eyeshadows, I was pleasantly surprised to find them of excellent quality. They have different collections such as duochrome, foiled, and loose shadows as well, and offer various bundles at reduced prices (they sell Z Palettes on their site, too, and their own MUG palettes.).

   The colors are true to the colors in the pans and the pigmentation is great. They have a creamy kind of texture versus powdery, making them easy to blend. They come packaged just like MAC singles in thick paper material sheath thingies (what are those called??).


Definitely Untamed. It's a gorgeous foiled gold that doesn't even need to be applied wet or with a white base. It's so creamy, pigmented, and easy to use.
Cream Brulee is a great base color for me to make things easy to blend out.
Nautica is a gorgeous blue for blue or grey eyes that isn't too metallic.


| Flash photos on the left, non-flash on the right |

Creme Brulee
Light neutral camel brown
Rose pink
Cocoa Bear
Medium/dark neutral brown
Matte black
Metallic denim blue
Foiled yellow-toned gold


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