Kat Von D Serpentina Palette Photos, Swatches, Review

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Kat Von D's newest palette release is a stunning selection of jewel tones inspired by Egypt. It's a beautiful modern interpretation of ancient beauty; glittering gold, jade green, blood red, and more. Not only is the palette of amazing quality, but is also cruelty free and vegan. Kat's palettes are always highly anticipated and treasured, and this one is no exception.

The packaging is a unique shape; both longer and taller than any other palettes I have, giving it a hefty (and yes, a bit coffin-like) feel. It's the standard pressed cardboard with a strong magnetic closure and a sizeable mirror. The loose shade, Prophet, can be pulled out with a little muscle, is not glued in or attached, and is a regular circular plastic jar with a sifter insert. The shadow pans seem to be the same size as the Mi Vida Loca palette pans. Adding a brush would have made everything too big and bulky, and considering KVD has a line of brushes, isn't needed.

The box design and palette design is pretty much identical, showing the shades on the back.

Top photo under studio lights, bottom photo under flash

All of the shades are types of metallics, other than Bloodmilk and Venom. On my eyes, Bloodmilk was a little chalky at first but was fine with some blending. I haven't used Venom yet as of the moment but it was fairly difficult to swatch. Every other shade was very easy to use. Their textures vary; Ankh has thicker glitter chunks in a more so matte base, and Nile feels more velvety and less metallic than the others. Scarab has a bit of a two-tone reflect. Hieroglyph is a little thinner of a texture, but still buttery and pigmented. Prophet is a "thick" sort of loose shadow, and swatched very pigmented and soft, a more yellow-gold than Medusa. It was very interesting to feel the slight texture differences among metallics.

This is a beautiful, quality palette whether you already enjoy non-neutral colors or are fairly new to them. The jewel tones aren't too bright or unnatural, making them great for day to day wear as well as use in every season, and especially stunning for holidays. Medusa, Ankh, and Prophet are the palette's neutral shades; they could be worn alone or together for a natural look, or paired with one or two jewel tones.

 Medusa, Bloodmilk, and Scarab
(Kat Von D Vampira liquid lipstick on lips)

Worth The Hype?

Absolutely! The quality is even beyond previous KVD palettes, and the range of colors is tasteful and clever. At $45 it isn't on the cheap side of palettes, but I feel it is definitely worth it for eight excellent pressed shadows and a loose shadow. The palette is limited edition, so if you are interested in it, definitely grab it up during Sephora's next restock.


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